At the "Algoraves", we dance to a coded live music

In abyssal black, arabesques, geometric shapes and other multicolored fragments specific to glitch art invade the walls.Lines of computer code are projected, adding to the graphic confusion.The sound does not help to get back on track: two speakers spit out a electronic music, alternately electrifying, experimental - even cacophonic.The atmosphere is moist, the atmosphere heady.

Forty people dance, half-closed eyes, tight on the improvised track of this small overheated basement of the XXth arrondissement of Paris.The concert takes place, Saturday April 6, in the Nogozon area, HQ of a cultural association Franco-Turkish neighborhood that claims to be anti-system.“We recognize ourselves in the hacker spirit! », Says Nelson, a volunteer of the association, between two nods.

A hacker? Certainly, Lil Data, the artist tonight, is not like any DJ: he does not need a turntable or a mixer.A computer is enough for him.Jiggling in front of his screen, back to the audience , he frantically taps on his keyboard at regular intervals.But Lil Data does not hack a network: it creates sounds directly using lines of code.

Between hackathon and night club

If this concert seems futuristic, the technique of "live coding", a form of improvised programming, has been used in music for almost two decades.It is in particular in Sheffield - a city in the north of England - that everything starts , at the instigation of Nick Collins and Alex McLean, two musicians and researchers.

All these happy geeks created in 2004 Toplap, a pro-live coding organization

"In the 2000s, we started wanting to write code that would make us dance.Little by little, other people around the world took it in turn.Since then, more than 80 cities have welcomed Algoreans! "Says Alex McLean.All these happy geeks created in 2004 Toplap, a pro-live coding organization in video and music.Eight years later, in 2012, appears the term" algorave "- contraction of" algorithm " and "rave", techno gathering - to characterize the dancing music coded live.

Posted Date: 2020-06-11

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