DJ turntable

DJ turntable

The DJ turntable is a practical piece of equipment that
a DJ must absolutely have. Whether you are an amateur or professional, it helps
you get a good sound. When choosing a DJ turntable, it is important to take
into account several criteria, including price. Defining the budget you have
available for the purchase of your DJ Deck is important.


Entry-level DJ Deck

The DJ turntable is a very important piece of equipment
in a DJ’s arsenal. The price to put on it varies according to the type of
turntable you want and also the model. Nowadays, there are several models of
turntables to satisfy, as much as possible, the preferences of each and
everyone. There are two types of DJ decks on the market. The vinyl DJ turntable
and the CD turntable.


If you are a beginner trying your hand at this job,
this entry-level category is for you. You should expect to spend around €100 to
€500 on new equipment. Once you’re a little more advanced, you might want to
move up to the higher end models.


If your budget cannot afford to spend around €100, then
you should invest in second-hand equipment. The problem with second-hand
equipment is that you can’t be sure of its lifespan, and there is no guarantee.
It can stop working at any time. Which, when you think about it, is not such a
good deal. It’s just cheaper to buy.


DJ turntable, mid-range

Here, it is the already initiated and competent DJs who
purchase this type of equipment. Its quality is obviously superior to the
previous range and it costs more. You should expect to spend between €600 and
€1000, sometimes even more. The mid-range DJ turntable has a number of
advantages that make it a very interesting piece of equipment for a DJ. Its
functionalities are adequate for a good rendering of the music. The mid-range
DJ turntable can last several years.


High-end DJ turntable

The high-end DJ turntable is a top-quality instrument
with top functionality. Designed for professionals, it is quite expensive, but
gives an exceptional performance. In this price range you will find DJ decks
from Technics and Pioneer. The more features the DJ deck has, the more
expensive it is. The price range starts at 1000 € and more. This is the top and
all professionals know what this turntable range is worth.


The DJ turntable is available at a minimum price of
€100 when it comes to entry-level products. It all depends on your budget and
your status (beginner, insider, professional). The more you go up in the range,
the more you have to spend. A DJ turntable varies from 100 to more than 1000 €.

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